All Abilities Hotel – Accommodation

*This category will be judged via an anonymous reviewer.

This category is open to all venues that demonstrate accessible dining and social practice in their pubs and hotels that lead to inclusive experiences for people of all abilities, including wheelchair users, blind or low vision, deaf or loss of hearing and mental health.

The judging criteria focus on the hospitality experience itself and best attempts for inclusivity rather than the provision of additional measures, installations or bricks and mortar (ramps etc) being required.

Judging will assess the following:

  • Is accessible parking available at the hotel?
  • Are there impeding items in the entryways or lobby area?
  • Is the entrance to the venue wheelchair accessible?
  • Is the accessibility of the hotel easy to navigate?
  • Is the height of the front desk accessible or are reception staff available to assist?
  • Are the hotel amenities accessible?
  • Did the reservation process allow you to book an accessible room?
  • Is marketing collateral available through accessible mediums?
  • Is accessibility of the room easy to navigate?
  • Are staff trained to assist people with their access requirements?
  • Is there an accessible bathroom in the restaurants and hotel lobby?

Award Categories: 

The entry fee required to nominate into the AHA National Awards for Excellence is $330 per category.

Please be aware that payment for your nomination is due within 14 days of receiving the invoice.

AHA National Award categories include: