2024 AHA National Awards for Excellence

The AHA National showcase of Australia’s hottest pubs and hotels will take place at the brand-new Star Hotel in Brisbane on Monday 25 November 2024.

The open-air Leisure Deck will come alive as winners from each State and Territory branch join together to celebrate their achievements, all vying to be crowned the very best in their field in Australia.

Catching up with colleagues, making new friends and rubbing shoulders with the stars of Australia’s hospitality scene, it’s going to be a star-studded event!

Event Details:

Date: Monday 25th November
Time: 5pm
Location: The Star Brisbane
Dress Code: Dress to impress!

See you in Brisbane!

Award Categories: 

The entry fee required to nominate into the AHA National Awards for Excellence is $330 per category.

Please be aware that payment for your nomination is due within 14 days of receiving the invoice.

AHA National Award categories include:

Nominee Information

Eligibility for National Awards

To be eligible to enter the AHA National Awards for Excellence, venues must have won an equivalent category in their State or Territory Awards. If you are unsure of which category you are eligible to enter, please contact our friendly events team via email on events@aha.org.au.

Please note, at the time of entering your State or Territory Awards, venues will be asked to accept their nomination into the National Awards. If you select yes, your nomination will automatically be accepted and you will be sent a tax invoice. Where your venue is an accommodation property and a night stay is required, you will also be sent a tax invoice for reimbursement of one nights stay + breakfast for two (if available).

Nomination Fees

The cost to nominate into the AHA National Awards for Excellence is $330 per category. Please be aware that payment for your nomination is due within 14 days of your confirmed nomination.

If your circumstances have changed and you no longer wish to participate, please let our events team know as soon as possible via email events@aha.org.au. Due to the timing of some of the State and Territory awards, it’s possible that our judges have already been to your venue. In this case, you may be required to pay for any judging expenses that have already been incurred.

Site Inspections and Interviews

Judging will begin in April and conclude in October. Venues may be judged any time within this period after advice has been received from State and Territory branches of those venues who have pre-accepted their nomination into the AHA National Awards for Excellence.

Site visits, along with written submissions and interviews (where applicable), will form the basis of judging.

Site visits will be 100% anonymous. Accommodation-based categories will no longer require a voucher for the judges stay. In replacement of this system, nominees will be asked to agree to be invoiced for the cost of one night’s accommodation and breakfast for two people (where required/available).

Proof of overnight stay receipts will be presented for this reimbursement of expense.

If you have any problems with this process, please contact us on the email below for assistance.

Email: events@aha.org.au

Employees nominated for individual employee awards will be contacted by the AHA National Office to set up their online video interview after each of the State and Territory awards.

Marketing and Publicity Support

All finalists will receive marketing and publicity support as a part of their nomination fee. All finalists will be presented with a “Finalist” logo (electronic version). All AHA National Awards for Excellence winners will be sent a “Winner” logo. These logos can be used in any marketing and promotional activities.

Photos & Logos

All photos and logos will be supplied by State or Territory branches. If you wish to provide updated or additional photos, please email them through to events@aha.org.au.

Photos and logos will be used for a number of marketing and promotional activities conducted by the AHA National Office in promoting finalists and the Awards night in general. Planned activities include general marketing, pre-event marketing announcing the finalists, a multi-media presentation to be played on the evening and post event media releases.

The AHA National office also reserves the right to use the images provided for ongoing promotion and collateral.

Written Submissions and CVs

In categories where written submissions or CVs are required, the AHA National events team will be sourcing all written submissions and CVs from your State or Territory branch.

If you wish to provide an update of your written submission or CV, please do so. This can be done by uploading using this online portal or can be emailed directly to our team at events@aha.org.au.


The presentation of the AHA National Awards for Excellence would not be possible without our event partners. We acknowledge their invaluable contribution to our industry and thank them for their ongoing support.

Marquee Partner



Discounted accommodation rates will be provided from The Star Brisbane as they move closer to the opening of the venue. Those hotels who have already nominated will receive and email advising of the opening of accommodation with details on how to book.


What are the category nomination costs?

  • Nomination costs are per category and are $330 (incl. GST).

When do I get my invoice?

  • You will receive your invoice upon completion of your nomination and/or ticket purchase.

How long do I have to buy my tickets?

  • Ticket purchases can be made up until two weeks prior to the event date if the event has not sold out.

What categories am I eligible for?

  • You would have received an email from our friendly events team indicating which categories you are eligible to enter into. If you didn't receive one please contact them at events@aha.org.au.

When are the visits going to happen?

  • Judging will commence in April and will be completed no later than October.

I am currently undergoing some renovation but don’t wish for visits prior to their finish, how can I let you know?

  • You can email events@aha.org.au to request a specific time frame that you would prefer the judges to visit your venue.

How can I get another copy of my confirmation?

  • You can email events@aha.org.au to request another copy of your confirmation email.